How to become part of it

Please do submit only artwork that fits the following criteria:

  • Must be your own, original artwork. Please do not upload material that holds other parties copyright.
  • The uploaded plates must have been created on this year’s World Wet Plate Day, which is Saturday, May 6th, 2017. Please do not upload images from your archives or from past WWPDs.
  • Please do not upload material that is insulting or offending. Nudity is OK, put please do not upload porn, violence, cruelty or abusive material.
  • Please upload only images that are at least 800 pixels long/high and at max 2000 pixels long/high. 


After submitting your image, please note that it won’t be visible immediately. All images will be in moderation queue and appear on the site as soon as they are approved.

Thank you!